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Relocate with Us

Skychatters is a full-service relocation company, offering assistance with everything from budgeting to finding the perfect location to rent. Whether you’re moving to Latin America, Southeast Asia, or any other part of the world, we can help you make the transition as smooth as possible.

$990 /  relocation
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Tropical Bay
Choosing the right Location

Let us introduce you to our verified global citizens, travel professionals, immigration business professionals, and citizenship professionals to help you choose the best location for you. Southeast Asia and South America have been so far the most welcomed locations. Consult with us and let's relocate you soon - it is easier and faster than you think! 👇

Step by Step

We understand how stressful and overwhelming relocation can be. That is why we are dedicated to making the entire process as seamless and stress-free as possible. Our team will evaluate your unique needs and create a customized plan designed to meet them. Starting from the moment you arrive at the airport, we handle every aspect of your relocation, including transportation to your new home. We also offer opportunities for you to connect with locals and start feeling at home in your new city.

Small Airplane
Working Cafe
In-App-Chat Support with a Travel Professional

Use the experience of our unique community to help you...
..plan the relocation for you 🏝

.. get remote work 🤝 you to search and buy the best Air tickets 🎟️
.. international Insurance Recommendation 💰 to get compensated when canceled/delayed flights ✈️💸

.. meet Andrew

Leaving behind the routine in the Czech Republic, I embarked on a sun-soaked adventure to Phuket, Thailand, with my trusty German Shepherd, Ary. The online community, Skychatters, became my guiding light, helping me snag a charming bungalow near Phuket Town. Beach and a reliable scooter for island exploration. Skychatters wasn't just about logistics; they introduced me to local gems and fellow expats through lively meet-ups. In no time, I found myself immersed in the Thai lifestyle, savoring street food delights and relishing stunning sunsets. With Skychatters' invaluable support, my dream of a tropical life unfolded seamlessly. In this newfound paradise, Ary and I basked in the warmth of both the sun and the welcoming community that made Phuket feel like home. Connect with "Andrew Johanovsky" using the Skychatters App.

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