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​This is us, the go-to companion for travelers, freedom-lovers, and those who embrace the nomad lifestyle. We are working on the amazing travel mobile app that unlocks the joys of the open road and lear others the best travel Tips & Tricks.

Community Managers

Victor Musilek

Community Manager, global citizen, Space enthusiast, 1929 observatory owner,,  Previously: o.Bike (Singapore), (China), (Poland)


Jerry Krajca

Co-founder, designer, traveler and technology evangelist.


Anthony Smith

Advisor, Experienced Entrepreneur, Investor, and mentor for start-ups in the USA and Europe. 


Vicky Musilek

Victor's amazing wife helping him to not forget to eat and sleep. Skychatters quality controller. Traveler, startup enthusiast.

Michal Ptáčník.png

Michal Ptáčník

Highly experienced freelance legal professional, specializing in EU law, commercial law, cross-border matters and immigration/emigration.


Christian Kumar

Innovator | Investor | University Lecturer - MedTech Energy and Construction | Venture Philanthropy | Open University Entrepreneur,


Webscope Team

Amazing IT team and our first investor. A lot of well-known amazing apps in portfolio.

The Skychatters Team

Pavel Nguyen

UK Country Manager, Visa Expert, Data Analyst | Business Analyst | Young Innovators Awards 2022 | Innovate UK, Get in touch on the Skychatters App.


Andrew Johanovsky

Relocation Expert, The first relocated Skychatter (Europe to Asia). Will help you to relocate from anywhere the way you want. Get in touch on the Skychatters App.


Kuba Neuman

​South America expert. Travel coach at Bohemian Adventure. Slowmading for 10+ years.  Happy to assist you with your next transformative journey. Get in touch on the Skychatters App.


Kevin Muryango

Blog Writer Specialist, Technology and Web3 enthusiast, Remote Work Supporter, Get in touch on the Skychatters App.

Wanted Notice


Do you have something to offer to the Skychatters community? Get in touch with Victor Musilek on the Skychatters App.

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