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Show your Business to the World

Skychatters is the perfect travel mobile app for businesses looking to expand their international reach. Get a verified profile and leverage our predictive marketing technology to approach your target audience in advance. Show the world your international company with Skychatters.

$29.95 / month

Increased Visibility

Verified company profiles might receive preferential treatment in terms of visibility on They could be featured in recommended lists, search results, or specific industry-related categories, attracting more attention from users who are interested in your products or services. Enhanced visibility can lead to increased exposure, brand awareness, and potential customer acquisition.

Brand Recognition

A verified profile on can help in establishing and reinforcing your brand identity. The verified badge next to your company's name distinguishes it from unofficial or fake accounts, ensuring that users recognize and trust your official presence on the platform. This consistency in branding helps in brand recognition and recall.

Direct Communication and Customer Engagement allows companies to directly engage with their audience and customers. Having a verified profile enables you to participate in discussions, address customer queries, provide support, and showcase your expertise. This direct communication can help build stronger relationships with your target audience, foster brand loyalty, and generate positive word-of-mouth.

Credibility and Trust

A verified profile on lends credibility and trustworthiness to your company. It assures users that the profile represents an authentic and legitimate business. This can significantly impact how users perceive your brand and encourage them to engage and interact with your company.


Protection Against Misrepresentation

Verification helps protect your company's online reputation by preventing others from creating fake accounts or impersonating your brand. By having a verified profile, you establish an official presence that users can trust, minimizing the risk of reputation damage and safeguarding your brand image.

Access to Enhanced Features may provide additional features and functionalities exclusively to verified company profiles. These features can include analytics and insights, advertising options, customized branding elements, or advanced communication tools. Access to such tools can empower your company to better manage its online presence and engage with the community.

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