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Weird cultures you must know before traveling.

You know, the world is a kaleidoscope of fascinating cultures, traditions, and events. Some of these can be eye-opening, while others might just leave you laughing out loud or scratching your head in disbelief. As travelers, we often seek out the iconic landmarks and picturesque landscapes such as hiking, before jumping into details, include in your to do list cycling and seas exploration on yacht so make sure you check earlier bikesbooking an online booking service for motorcycle, scooter, bicycle and ATV rental and SEARADAR the leading concierge service for sailboat captains . Offbeat cultural experiences that truly make a trip memorable. From massive food fights with tomatoes in Spain to a championship where men compete in wife-carrying in Finland, there's no end to the weird and wonderful ways communities come together to celebrate, compete, or simply have fun. Dive into these cultural curiosities and you'll not only have amazing stories to share but you'll also gain a deeper appreciation for the delightful diversity of human expression. Ready to embark on a journey of the world's most bizarre and hilarious traditions? Make sure you have all you require and remember to use your best insurance partner VisitorsCoverage. Let's explore!

La Tomatina - Bunol, Spain :

La Tomatina Festival happens annually during the last Wednesday of August. A massive food fight where participants throw overripe tomatoes at each other. Takes place in Buñol, a little village near Valencia, Spain; Population around 10.000 people located 40 km from Valencia by bus, train or car. In 1945 some young boys decided to get a place among the retinue of a parade during the town festivities. The energy of these teens made that one participant fell downand the participant got mad and started to hit everything in his way, Casually nearby there was a vegetable stall that fell victim of the furious crowd: people started to pelt each other with tomatoes, What’s your ammunition? 120 tons of red tomatoes. Locals and people from all over the world Maximum capacity. Tomatina Festival begins at 12am with a bang while trucks loaded of tomatoes proceed to drive through the fight area while some locals in the back of the trucks are throwing tomatoes at all of the festival goers. As soon as the truck passes, everyone dives on the ground scooping for tomatoes to get themselves armed for the battle…that’s when the fun begins! The following hour will be one of the most intense and hilarious experiences of your life.

Wife Carrying Championship : contest in which male competitors race while each carrying a female partner. The objective is for the male to carry the female through a special obstacle track in the fastest time. The sport was first introduced at Sonkajarvi, Finland.

Several types of carrying may be practised: either a classic piggyback, a fireman's carry (over the shoulder), or Estonian-style (wife upside-down on his back with her legs over the neck and shoulders). As the name suggests, men compete to carry their wives (or any woman over 17 years old) through an obstacle course.

The Monkey Buffet Festival - Lopburi, Thailand: On the last Sunday of November, among the ruins of the Phra Prang Sam Yot temple in Lopburi, Thailand, a bountiful banquet awaits the guests of honor, none of whom are human. This feast is held in celebration of Lopburi’s thousands of macaques, thought to bring good luck to the area and its people. A banquet for monkeys where over two tons of fruits and vegetables are offered to the local monkey population.

Tunarama Festival - Port Lincoln, Australia : The Tunarama Festival is held annually

in port Lincoln, South Australia in late January. Tunarama is South Australia's largest regional community festival featuring a wide array of participation events, arts and cultural displays, local market stalls and some of the freshest seafood in the world.September 16th 2021 marks the 60th anniversary of the formation of the Port Lincoln Tunarama Committee,

when a group of passionate locals came together to create an event celebrating the contribution of the burgeoning. Southern Bluefin Tuna industry and to promote the Lower Eyre Peninsula region in general.

World Toe Wrestling Championships - Ashbourne, England: The sport was invented in 1976 in Staffordshire, United Kingdom by 4 drinkers in the Ye Olde Royal Oak Inn. The World Toe Wrestling Championship was held annually since 1994 in Derbyshire England. The most prolific player is Alan "Nasty" Nash, a multiple-time champion. Lisa "Twinkletoes" Shenton is a previous women’s world champion.

As of 2022, the current men's world champion is Ben Woodroffe; the women's champion is Dawn Millward beating newcomer Rebecca Benson who came 2nd; and the junior champion is Dolly Millward, similar to arm wrestling, but with participants using their toes.

Birdman Rally - Melbourne, Australia: Participants construct homemade flying devices and launch themselves off a platform into the river, aiming for the longest distance. These events are not just about the weirdness or humor; they often serve as significant cultural or communal events for the local populations, and they provide an engaging lens through which travelers can better understand and appreciate diverse global cultures.

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Traveling is not just about seeing new places; it’s also about immersing oneself in the mosaic of human experiences and understanding the myriad ways in which societies function. From the unique customs to the quirky rituals, the cultures we might label as 'weird' are, in fact, rich tapestries of tradition, beliefs, and histories. Before embarking on your next journey, it's essential to equip yourself with knowledge about these distinct cultural practices. Not only will it make for a smoother travel experience, but it will also deepen your appreciation for the incredible diversity our world offers. if you haven't tried Wayawayplus, an innovative flight aggregator that features membership plan for cashback on travel deals it's time for it now. So, as you pack your bags, remember to also pack an open mind, ready to embrace, celebrate the peculiar, the unusual and the wonderfully weird. Kiwitaxi is waiting for yo; all you need is to

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