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Travel Assistant 24/7

Call us, even if you don't need anything! We can connect you with local Skychatter to help you plan your trip or get you help in any crisis situation in any EU country, as well as in any international airport using modern and proven technologies to crack the origin of the problem with your flight. Our favorite service!

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€9.90 / one way trip

On the phone 24/7

Any issues on the way? Bought a baggage but the airline doesn't want to take it, flight delayed or canceled and you don't know what to do now? Call us 24/7.


Let us help you to get compensated by missing your flight due to the airport's or airline's mistake.

Regression of costs

You missed your flight and missed and spent a night at the airport? Your time is worth something, let us help you get you paid.

Immediate solution

Don't know what to do? We help you right away with the rigt step-by-step process not to get screwd by the airline.

On-line Tracking

Online tracking of your application. Keep track of the progress of compensation or other eligible costs.

Damaged luggage

In case of broken, damaged, delayed or undelivered luggage, immediate assistance with next steps.

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