Investor Relations

We are looking for a growth partner, that will help us to take Skychatters to another level.



We launched a pilot in April 2021 on one international flight (Ostrava Airport - London Heathrow) and only a month after the launch, we acquired users on 30 international flights in Europe and 6 months after the launch, Skychatters had users on 296 international flights in Europe (zero marketing!, only Net Promoter Score), generated first revenue, and since then grow organically. This is a chart of our growth from launch (zero users) to 1800 users.

296 flights

That's the number of flights, we acquired users on organically. The next step is to become the biggest social travel app in Europe.


The Next step

No matter the airport you are departing from, we want to be there ready for you and offer our services. The next step is definitely towards this goal.

3 Revenue Streams

Social networks are hard to monetize, we all know that. This is our solution on how to make users, us and investors happy.

Airports, Air ticket providers, Travel agencies, schools, non-profits, corporations and International Events and Expos are interested in data, who is flying to their country, so they can pivot their product and increase revenue.

Travel Ancillaries
While traveling, you need to stay somewhere, get somewhere and make sure, you'll be ok. We give you accommodation, car rental, insurance and other interesting offers when adding a flight to our app.

Did you see our Skychatters Covid Assistance? Our 24/7 available agent will help you to get to your destination safely. Also, we can inform all your friends about your arrival without you touching your phone and much more.

If you want to learn more about us in 3 minutes, check this video (turn on English subtitles) and make sure to check out our Pitch Deck as well.