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Top travel-related marketing platform.

Skychatters.com is an innovative marketing app with a focus on the target group of international travelers. We know who's going where. ✈️

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Canceled flight?

It has been a rough time for all of us. In case of canceled or delayed flights, we keep your money safe. Only €7,49 for all your planned flights with PROMO CODE "SKYCHATTERS"✌️

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B2B packages

We offer a large variety of services for your business. If you haven't found what you were looking for, don't hesitate to contact us directly 

Travel Insurance

Axa Insurance has some offers for you.

50% Discount
Piggy Bank

🦠 Protects you in case of covid-19
🌎  Help you anywhere in the world
👩‍⚖️ Available NONSTOP
🕑 Insurance arranged in a moment
🧳  Luggage insurance, legal assistance
🏠 Liability for damage to property


Skychatters App 🛫

Download our beautiful app


💬 24/7 chat with other travelers

✈️ Travel recommendations
👩‍⚖️ Overview of your friends' travels
🧳 Claim Baggage Service
🕒 Have fun with others when the flight is delayed
❌ Canceled flight? Get in touch with others 


24/7 Assistance 📞

Best Assistance when it comes to travel


📞 24/7 Multilingual on-phone Travel Assistance 
🎫  Refund Air ticket Assistance 
👩‍⚖️ Free legal representation in the event of a legal claim for financial compensation
🧳 Claim Baggage Service
🕒  Delayed flight Assistance
❌ Canceled flight Assistance
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Cheaper, faster, better.

We use our mobile app to show users meaningful services - like the one you have. How do we do it?

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More precise targeting 🏆

A clever way to target the right group of people. You can choose from hundreds of destinations in Europe and the US. With the ability to view your business at the time of planning their flight abroad, you'll get even better results.

Your services mentioned on individual destinations 🛬

Are Italians most interested in your service? Show your product to all passengers departing from Italy. Offer your product as a recommendation for their trip abroad. Passengers are interested in the services that await them at their arrival destination. 

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Fewer numbers, but more accurate 📈

At the end of each month, see clear statistics on what day, time, and how many people the offer got the attention of and how many customers clicked through to your website because of it. 

That new travel marketing channel 🎉

We can predict the future up to several months in advance. We know which products our users are interested in and how to offer them. Try us for one month for free. 

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