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Connect even before you fly.

The best post-COVID travel app.

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1. Download free on iOS!


2. Add all your flights. We notify other people on your flight.

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✔️ We send you an e-mail with discounts and special offers. 🎁

3. Contact others after you join the group chat.

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✔️ Check-in together
✔️ Enjoy the airport
✔️ Sit next to each other
✔️Share a ride to the city

4. Follow other travelers. You get notified when they add a flight.

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5. Let your friends follow you. They get notified when you add a flight.

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6. Get covered. Check our Skychatters Covid Assistance.

What is Covid Assistance

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24/7 multilingual on-phone COVID-Assistance 📞
The most up-to-date information on travel obligations

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Missed connecting flight 🔗

You miss your connecting flight due to a delay on the previous one

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Denied boarding 🚫
You are denied boarding a flight even though you arrived on time and with a valid airline ticket for check-in

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Cancelled flight 

If a carrier cancels a flight for which they have issued you a ticket,  we can find you an alternative flight

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Refundation Air ticket 🎫
Did the airline refuse to refund your ticket or are you unhappy with the refund? We can help with compensation

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Skychatters Priority ✈️
Priority support with adding your flights immediately for flights that we don't operate on yet

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Delayed flight 🕒

Flight delayed by more than two to four hours


Basic Membership 🚀
Everything included in the basic membership

Only €7,49 for all your flights with promo code "SKYCHATTERS"

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